How to Copywrite Creative Product Names

The below post includes an example of freelance work I have completed for a client. Work shown is solely intended for and owned by the client who ordered and paid for its completion.

Some of my favorite freelance work is when projects combine copywriting with creative graphics and concepts. I was asked to help create a custom mailer package for Claremont Foods to send to their clients showcasing their innovation abilities for nutrition bars. A primary task for this was to create custom names and labels for new protein bar recipes as example work. They sent me descriptions of 8 bar flavors they wanted to include. Below, I detail my process in creating names and labels for three of the bars.

Flavor Descriptions:

  • Gingerbread, white coating
  • Smoked Jalapeno (Savory)
  • Cookies-n-Cream

The first part of my process came down to the names of the bars, because components like the length of the names and order of the words would influence the design of the label. The client wanted names that were catchy and concise, while conveying the flavor of the bar clearly to any recipient.

I typically start with a brain dump. I took each flavor description and put them into a document. Below each flavor, I listed any words that came to mind when thinking of that flavor. I wasn’t critical, I just wrote down everything that came to mind.

For Cookies-n-Cream: crumble, creamy, dream, dreamy, crave, craving, crunch, crisp, rich, mix, swirl

Once I’ve listed out words, looked up synonyms and identified any sounds I like together, I start pairing them into multiple name options and variations of each name option.

Cookies n Cream: Crave-worthy Cookies n Cream, Craving Cookies n Cream, Creamy Dreamy Cookies n Cream, Cookies n Cream Dream, I Dream of Cookies n Cream

Gingerbread: Sugar + Spice Makes Gingerbread Nice, Oh Snap! Gingerbread Snack, Gingerbread Snap, Jolly Gingerbread, Oh So Nice Gingerbread Spice

Sometimes, brainstorms aren’t as critical because the name comes easily. For the Jalapeno bar I immediately decided on “Holy Smoked Jalapeno.”

Final List of Names:

Gotta Lotta Eggnog Latte

Oh Snap! Gingerbread Snack

Crazy for Cranberry

Holy Smoked Jalapeno

Bam Bam Peanut Butter & Jam

My Oh My Mocha Keto

I Dream of Cookies n Cream

3 Cheers for Triple Chocolate

Check back for a part 2 detailing the label design.

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  1. I find copywriting pretty interesting, especially when it comes to minimal words. My previous copywriting experience involved more advertorials, so it’s super interesting to read your work. Thanks for sharing!

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