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As mentioned in my post about wedding planning during Covid, Pinterest was a very large part of my obsession with weddings growing up and has now evolved to an extremely helpful tool in the planning process.

This may sound crazy or overboard, but I do have an actual strategy around my Pinterest boards because as someone who doesn’t want to spend the money for a full-on wedding planner (though a day-of coordinator is a must in my opinion), Pinterest has been the best way to stay organized, get inspiration and narrow down my ideas.

Full disclosure: while my Pinterest does have a public Wedding Inspo board, my boards for my actual wedding are hidden. The reasons there encompass privacy (I won’t be sharing our date until post-nuptials), having some boards that contain gift ideas for my family/bridal party, and because I want the event to have some surprises for my guests.

Step 1: Create your “Inspo” Board

Like I mentioned, I do have a wedding inspo board. That is where I dump every single wedding pin I’ve ever liked. Some of them I still like, but don’t fit with my theme. Some of them I think I like, but I’m not entirely sure. And admittedly, there are some from when I was in high school that make me cringe. (2010 was a very different time.) I put everything there first to keep tabs on ideas, without cluttering my actual planning board.

Step 2: Create Your Actual Wedding Board with Subsections

I reserve my “actual” wedding board for pins that I am pretty sold on. Pins for the “inspo” board graduate to the “actual” board when I’ve decided I think they’re applicable, affordable and truly excite me past the initial find.

Pinterest is genius and created a feature a while ago where you can have subsections within each board. This has been so key! There seem to be endless factors of the wedding to think about. When I pin something to this board, it’s something I’m pretty serious about, so I want an easy way to find it. Subsections are a huge help. I know exactly where all my cake pins are vs where my décor ideas are. Create as many subsections as you can think of. You can always combine or delete them later, but this helps you get an idea of what you’re looking for.

See an example below:

Step 3: Pin! – With Restraint

Having an organized Pinterest board requires more than subsections. I try to limit the number of pins to each sub-board depending on the topic. For example, I try to keep my Cake Board to 5-6 pins max because we only will pick one. My Décor Board I allow up to 15-20 since there are more components. I do this because I think if you throw every idea you like onto each board it is confusing what you’re going for and makes it harder to keep things organized. If you like a pin but aren’t 100% sure, put it on the Inspo board. If you put a pin on your Actual board and start feeling iffy, put it back on the Inspo board.

I fully understand this might sound overboard and very Type A. To be fair, I am definitely a Type A personality. However, there are so many choices you have to make and the more organized and concise my ideas, the easier it is as I move forward.

Step 4: Pick a Direction

You might have a theme in mind, or maybe not. This is where your “Inspo” board comes in handy; look for common themes you are drawn to. Maybe you realize every cake you pin is only two tiers and super minimalist. Great thing to know if the baker is trying to pressure you into a four tier monstrosity! Perhaps the common theme among your pins is a color scheme or that everything is bohemian. That will help guide you in the future. There are so many beautiful ways to design a wedding – just not all of them can be at your wedding.

Once you have an idea of a direction for the overall theme or individual components, try to stick to that. This will help you avoid confusion and make actual progress.

Step 5: Price It Out

Once you have some ideas your head over heels for, look into pricing. I am the first to dream up a huge wedding and avoid checking the price tag. Take care of that early. If you dream of a huge Vera Wang ballgown, you have to understand the cost – especially if you are on a budget. Go for the gown if that’s a must-have, but also understand you may have to cut back on other things. I made an estimated budget template (mine linked below) so that I could understand how much everything is all in.

Wedding Budget Template

Tip: I used my own template when looking at different venues. Once I decided, I used the wedding budget tool on and it has been extremely helpful.

Step 6: Keep it Updated

You have your boards all set up, you have a theme and a realistic idea of budget. Keep things up to date an organized. This is a personal preference, but once I decide something I clean up the board and remove what no longer applies. My ideas have been tweaked as I start confirming things, and I want my Pinterest board to reflect that for my own mental clarity.

If you aren’t a Pinterest gal, what do you do to stay organized and create a vision for your wedding?

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