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Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to click to my website. What you can expect to find here is examples of my freelance work (which includes marketing, copywriting, social media management & guest blog posts), as well as personal writing I feel compelled to share.

I figured a good way to start off is sharing a bit about me.

My given name is Leah Cioth. Soon my legal name will be Leah Henrici – which I’m very excited about. This past summer I got engaged (mid-pandemic) to my sweet guy! Stephen is his name and you’ll probably hear a lot about him.

I currently live in Colorado with aforementioned fiancĂ©. We love to play tennis and spend a lot of time with the family we have here. I love coffee shops, but am attempting to be more fiscally responsible by brewing coffee at home. Luckily I’m a straight-up black coffee kind of gal, so I don’t need to learn anything fancy.

Writing is my thing. I was the kid in third grade who, when assigned a one-page assignment, wrote ten pages instead. (I don’t even try to pretend I was cool in school. Total nerd.) In first grade, I told my parents I wanted to be a “writer and a millionaire.” Six year old Leah was definitely not aware of how rare a combo that is, but we’re trying to make it happen.

I grew up in Colorado (where we are now), but went to college in Philly at Drexel University where I got my degree in communications/marketing with a concentration in design. My first two years were on campus, while I was simultaneously interning at a PR firm in New York three days a week. My junior year they offered me a full-time position, so I moved to NYC and finished my degree online. Full-time work and full-time school was exhausting, but totally worth it!

After two years in New York, I decided to move to LA where I accepted a marketing position. I worked in marketing in LA for three years, specializing in brand strategy and retail marketing. I also worked on copy for the brands I worked for as well as freelance opportunities. During my time in LA, I realized how much I loved crafting words together to accomplish a brand’s goals or get across an idea. When Stephen got a job offer back in Colorado and I had to leave my job in LA, I decided it was time to take the leap and try freelancing full time to focus on my love of words.

My freelance services primarily revolve around writing, which manifests in copywriting, content creation, guest posts for websites and social media copy. I also offer marketing consulting services and social media management.

On this website you’ll also see some of my personal writing. My preferred style is personal essays – I love writing thought-provoking pieces about everyday life that offer both humor and insight.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy any content you see here and feel free to reach out via the contact page.


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