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How I Picked My Wedding Venue

There were truthfully some moments where I felt convinced that we wouldn’t be able to find a wedding venue that made everyone happy. But last week we booked our venue! Here are tips I wish I’d known.

How Covid Made Us Creative for Christmas

My mom and I spoke about how we admittedly felt a bit blue about a Christmas so different than what we were used to. But we decided to look at this year’s break from tradition as an opportunity rather than a disappointment.

Pinterest Wedding Planning Tips

This may sound crazy, but I have a strategy for my wedding Pinterest boards. I don’t want to spend money on a wedding planner and Pinterest has been the best way to stay organized, get inspiration and narrow down my ideas.

Why I Don’t Need More Options

I saw capsule closets as aspirational and sophisticated, but I was skeptical at first about feasibility. But decision fatigue has led me to begin working towards one.

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Hey there, I’m Leah. My career began in PR and marketing where I worked with a variety of brands both in-house and through agency work. I now offer those services on a freelance basis and am also working towards my first-grade self’s answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Answer: a writer and a millionaire. (We’ll see about the second part!) I specialize in personal essays, guest articles, marketing campaign strategy + management and social media copy. When not typing away, I love to play tennis with my fiancé, read multiple memoirs and novels simultaneously and drink copious amounts of coffee.

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